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Welcome to Happy Healthy Susie!

I’m Susie, your Low-Tox Living Health Coach, and I’m truly excited we’ve crossed paths!

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Let's be real here, change is hard to make if you're not surrounded by the right people. Whether you're looking for personal coaching, friendship and community, or a healthy holistic lifestyle - we've got you covered!

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My low-tox health coaching offerings are driven by one goal:
To empower you to create space for the things you LOVE.


Looking for friendship and community, a healthy holistic lifestyle or just a little extra cash? Chase your dreams and have a massive girl Gang  to support you!


Maybe you're looking for a big shift in your weight or perhaps you just want to move through some discomforts in your life - this is the place that you can do it.


Hey there!

You’re probably a Mum (like me) juggling a gazillion tasks on your never-ending to-do list.


You’re very likely low on sleep, high on coffee and are doing the best you can to be a wonderful parent. Me too—we’ll get on just great!


I’ve dedicated this space to help you balance mummyhood in a realistic way, but with more breathing room and YOU-time—all while sporting your top-knot and being an amazing mum.


Now you're here, let me share my simple, no filters needed approach to living an organised and effortless life. No rigid rules, zero mess and plenty of fun.


Take ownership of your health in a 4-week transformation.
Get organsied and create order so there's space for YOU.
Create a balanced and empowered life with tools & support from me!



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Your go to Mumma for all things health, wellness and real life inspired! If you're after more information or simply want to find out what direction is best for you, simply fill out the form below and request a free discovery call!


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