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My health coaching offerings are driven by one goal:
To empower you to create space for the things you LOVE.

That includes experiencing more confidence in who you are as an individual, partner and parent. It means jumpstarting joy and infusing your day with more of what you love—amongst the existing to-dos.



A bit more about me?

In 2012, after giving birth to my little man, I was at one of the lowest points in my life, suffering from PTSD with crippling anxiety and no end in sight.

I considered medication, but as I was already on a holistic journey, I didn’t want to mask my experience with meds. I believed there was a natural solution for me; I chose to work on myself to heal.

I reached out to a Health Coach and addressed my state once and for all.


This is when I began to recognise the impact and implications arising from what I was putting into (and onto) my body and how it affected every aspect of my life. That’s when my low-tox living entered my world.

The rest is history, but it inspired me.

My personal transformation adopting low-tox living solutions changed me, my family and every aspect of my life. It’s why I’m so passionate about helping other crazy-busy mummas (like you), do the same.

My coaching and course offerings will show you everything I've learnt on my path to create a sustainable low-tox life with more balance and organisation—without breaking the bank or overwhelming you.




Too often we get caught up in everyone else’s social media 'highlight' reel. We begin to feel we don't measure up, that we’re failing as parents, that we don’t “look” the part and question why our life doesn’t appear like it does for the mummy blogger before our eyes.


Guilt walks in, switching on feelings of ‘I’m not good enough’. Then follows feeling like a failure, beating yourself up and, well, you know the rest.

I am here to show you real life and the challenges and triumphs it has to bring to us, to let you know that you are not alone—and they're both part of an authentic life.



(That’s a legit question! I’m glad you asked it.)

Being a mum, I know all about how we put everyone's needs before our own.


We start our day at 6am and sign off at 9pm (on a really good day). We ought to jump straight into bed, but instead, we’re torn between a few extra hours of beauty sleep or some quiet, peaceful 'YOU' time. 

If that has your name all over it, I CAN help you!

​Let’s create more balance, time, and space, which allows you to put energy into the things YOU love. It’s different for all of us. But when we’re finished, you won’t need to choose between sleep and you-time, because you’ll have both.



 Let’s connect to see if we’re a fit, and explore how working together can change your life.


PS. You don't ever have to leave the comfort of your own home for this. You have full permission to wear your pj's and rock your unwashed mum bun over a virtual cuppa with me.


Let’s do this Mumma!

x      x


Coaching Programme One


Take ownership of your health and make simple (yet profound) transformations in 4 weeks.

You’ll learn all about low-tox living and what it means.

From pantry makeovers to DIY homemade beauty and cleaning products, I’ll teach you how to simplify and organise your environment, while we take steps to make your life chemical free.


This course is for you if:


+ You're curious about low-tox living but have no idea where to start

+ Are ready to take control of your health from the inside out
+ Crave an abundant toolkit of natural recipe guides to get you started on your low-tox journey


With weekly prizes to be won this is a programme not to be missed!


Coaching Programme Two


Feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail?
FOREVER cooking, cleaning, running errands without any down time (just for YOU)? 

Do you find yourself snappy and short tempered because you’re at your wits’ end mentally, emotionally and physically?


This is your answer.


Over 10 days we’ll embark on a journey to create more time and abundance in your everyday life. You’ll find your place of harmony and come into alignment with yourself. From this space, we’ll focus on self-care solutions that will naturally make time for YOU again.

This course is for you if:


You’re ready to get organised and create order so there’s space for YOU.

Are ready to bring joy into your daily routine.


In this course you will receive:

+ Exclusive access to our private Calm Course Facebook community 

+ 10 daily videos on the pillars to re-creating balance (don’t worry, they’re the ideal length for mummas all under 8 mins)

+ Lifetime access to these videos

+ A FREE Ebook featuring a month’s worth of meal planning—recipes + shopping lists to make cooking time a breeze

+ 24/7 email support from me

+ You have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you engage in the program, do the work, and don’t feel you’re more empowered than when you started, I’ll refund your money.

Coaching Programme Three


Need a guide that can hold you accountable to your health and life goals?

Miss your mumma flow? Struggling to feel at your best (however that looks for you)?


I’m your guide. Together we’ll map out a pathway and take the steps required that’ll return you to joy and pure happiness—as you create a balanced and empowered life.


This session includes:
+ A 1-hour video call with me
+ Recommendations and session notes
+ Email support for the month ahead


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